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Skim Filling

Hello chaps,
My mate is having an extension and full interior re-dec. The builder recommended plastering all the walls but my mate could do without the added expense. He’s going to have a go at prepping the walls himself so I said I’d help him. I was thinking of using the ready mixed Toupret 130 and then my RTS400. But would I need to seal/prime the walls before filling? If so, what do you suggest?
Many thanks

What condition are the walls in? Is it already painted with emulsion, .cheers

Just tell him to reskim it. By the time u skim coat it with filler then rub it down then mist then re fill and so on. The Rts isn’t designed for rubbing walls like that so it’ll need a good service after it all and thats if it’s still working.

Quicker to re skim and will work out cheaper and better in the long term

Hello chaps,
Darlic: The walls were in fairly good condition apart from one room which is getting plastered.
Rob: Good point re the RTS. I must admit it seems like a lot of steps before you get to a paintable surface. It’s just that I’d read about painters ‘skimming’ the walls and sanding to smooth finish without getting plasterers involved.