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Sláinte mhaith from Longford, Ireland

Hi all,
I’m a decorative painter living in the Irish midlands, married, with four kids, my wife works alongside me. Started painting in 81 with a company from Huntingdon, then for Mobsbury builders in Letchworth before moving to Longford where I worked for an established family firm of decorators.

Our work has taken us to paint those dreaded Irish pubs in a fair few different countries over the years, not always a good idea buying kit abroad when you don’t speak the lingo . . though it can be a bit of a laugh.

In more recent times we’ve been decorating churches in Ireland, (lots of time spent designing stencil & gilding schemes and presenting before committees . . always slow burners). We also have a workshop were we restore statuary & furniture, but we’re comfortable taking on any type of paint job really, the more off-the-wall/unusual jobs seem to land our way for some reason . . . but that’s how I like it.

Excellent forum btw,


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Hey Andy - welcome to the forum. You’re in one of my favourite places in the world - love Ireland so I might join you over there someday!

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Welcome Andy,

sounds like you have a few tips to share and stories to tell :+1: