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Soften and Remove Vinyl Matt paint from work surface?

This is just vinyl Matt paint (customer’s work, not mine I should add!) that doesn’t want to lift from her kitchen work surface.

I’ve tried vigorous rubbing with a Bigwipe, and no change once it’s dried. Will also be trying Krudcutter, just worried stain has fixed itself and may not shift.

Any suggestions that won’t kill the surface? Last day on job is tomorrow!

Many thanks.

try a very small quantity of meths dabbed on to the vinyl matt. Allow to soak in and soften the paint, after a minute or two it may have done enough to remove but it does need care and wipe off

Hi, okay I’ll try that. Did think of meths, but wasn’t sure how it would effect the shiny surface of the laminate. Got to be better than having a stain on it though.


Meths didn’t touch it! I dabbed some on with kitchen roll, leaving the sheet on top so it didn’t evaporate, waited a minute, then rubbed. Nada.

It’s possible the stain is something other than vinyl Matt, I’m guessing, but whatever it is, it’s sealed in good.

So glad it wasn’t me…