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Specification for new units please

Hi Folks,
Im looking at a new kitchen later this week.Tulip and veneered mdf.
I would love to hear from you kitchen painters please!
With some ideas on specification;

A)what laquer/ varnish in matt or semi matt? I have had great results using Rustins water bourne varnish on an oak chest of drawers my fatherinlaw made for me. Seems durable and finishes lovely…any reason i shouldnt use in on the interior of the carcass and drawer boxs?

B) Primer?

C) Best paint as a finish?

No colours given yet but maybe FnB or little Greene

I recently repainted a kitchen in Little Greene water bourne intelligent eggshell. Finished nice but i noticed it a little vulnerable to marking.

Is Tikurilla helmi still the prefered paint finish?
Any comments on Oil instead of waterbourne?

Hi, the extensive info about Tikkurila Otex primers and finishes still stands. Mixed to match the clients’ preferred colours.

Choice of clear lacquer for interiors sounds fine. Oiling or varnishing, no preferences, just that you should be aware that in terms of surface area, it will probably take as long to coat the interior of a cabinet as it takes to paint the kitchen doors. ie dont under-estimate that time.

It might be a part of the work the client wants to take care of themselves before you get started, as it may be cost effective and is not particularly skilled work.

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Thank you Andy, for the quick response and pointer toward the time to varnish.
Valuable as ever

Andy, just to check with you; would that be one ct otex primer, rubbed back 2nd ct otex plus two cts helmi.

Or would one primer ct plus two top cts be sufficient?

the aim is to have a solid base colour before applying the Helmi topcoat. On bare timber 2 primer-undercoats is usually the way to go for peace of mind and sufficient paint build up.