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Spray courses

Hi there

I have decided its time to do a spray course. I have had a look online but am finding it hard to find somewhere to do one. Can anyone suggest somewhere?

Thanks Toby

Hi Toby

Have you asked the companies who sell the spray kit?

When you have two minutes could you introduce yourself _ cheers

As Andy suggests contact the manufacturers, Im sure Graco do a course! DDCs also have in-house “Spraystore” they may do something?

Failing that: Contact this guy Peter Doyle he is the training manager for Akzonobel and runs decorator training courses for Select Decs, Non select can go on them at a cost of £100
I have worked with Peter and must say his spray courses are very informative and hands on.


This is something that interests me,don’t Dulux run courses,is it easy learned and how ,much to buy sprayer.I passed a house this morning it was having exterior work done,all windows were covered,with paper,and tape,and thought,it was going to be sprayed.The only concern i had being the house was so close to a busy road,the risk off off spray on passing cars,i also spoke to a plaster i no he had his front room sprayed,is this a area worth looking into.

I will be looking very serious about buying a spray kit for interior jobs,any idear on a good entry level piece,to start,i will be also contacting peter Doyle for further info,so thanks Russel.

Darlic think carefully about your reasons to purchase spray kit.

Two recent posts here made excellent and informative reading.

You have to master masking - If the house is carpeted and furnished this is critical to avoid an expensive disaster. Even the very good 3M video on masking only shows site work.
One of the key skills with spray work is masking - it has to be 100% precise and accurate. The spray machine sales reps spend little time discussing that!

I only do private residential work and use my Graco 9.5 for Cornices & Roses and stair ballusters. I have spray primed and undercoated kitchen and wardrobe doors, but a simple and careful time and cost/benefit analysis showed very little gain for me against the £2000 invested

Before buying spray equipment look very carefully and realistically at the work environment in which you are working, assess the likely frequency of when you would be spray painting and carefully consider your reasons to apply by spray.