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Spray paint a piano

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Ron Taylor was asked to spray paint a piano !! It follows on from the article hand painted furniture with a difference. Can you spray paint a piano ? Not just any spray finish, spray paint a piano with a high gloss white spray finish – in situ. Ron’s answer was “Yes”. The project was not without its challenges, but after drawing on a lot of specialist experience within the…
What do you think?

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thats i great job but dont see the need for stix in this as the cover stain had already done the job of adhesion priming?if anything i would have used high hide for opacity prior to spraying the scuff- x
just wondering why stix over coverstain ?
and that question goes to contestant no 2 lol

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Good points, different ways of looking at it. Ping pong… :grinning:

Talking over the job I believe Ron had more confidence in Coverstain as a stainblocker option than a waterborne sealer.

Over that first sealed surface, Stix or High Hide? I see what you are saying about using High Hide, but Stix dries harder in comparison, and is the primer basecoat BM suggest to achieve the expected sheen level in your topcoats. The customer had initially wanted a high gloss but selected Ron’s satin sample, so he had to get the sheen of the sample. Is that fair comment?

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yes i fully agree given the material and would have used cover stain or bin depending on the paint system of course ,this must be a new thing from bm suggesting stix as pre 2012 they always suggested there products but i suppose since the acquisition or inxl things mite have changed, i personally only use stix for tricky adhesion issues but each to there own nice job regardless


Never come across stix where can you buy in the uk?i take it its very similar to bulls eye 123?

Shaw paints @ Slough Benjamin Moore UK

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there is also a shop at 263 Fulham Rd, London SW3 6HY

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