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Spray Plaster

Hi all, i have uploaded a Video of us doing spray plaster.
We use a Graco Mark V sprayer , and use USG ready mixed spray plaster.
This is a very easy process .

If you would like any info and advice please post and i will be happy to reply .


This is a link to the video on spray plaster on Youtube

It would be interesting if you could post / talk us through it, Tony, when you have a moment.


This is the way that plastering is done in Euproe.

On this contract we done all the plaster boarding , then we tape and joint all comers , and where the boards join.
We then Spray the first coat of ready mixed USG plaster about 1.5 mm thick, using a Graco Mark V sprayer, we have to have the sprayer set on full so that it will put it on.

Tip size is a 535, We then smooth out with a 24inc spatula, this take a bit of getting used to but once you have done it a few time is very easy .We wait for 24 hours before the next coat.

The second coat goes on a really nice, same thickness about 1.5 mm, then same process as the first , smooth it out with the spatula.

Then sand down , so even if the finish is not spot on from the smoothing , you get the chance to rub it down , and make it supper smooth,

We used Festool Planex sander with a 220 mm head size that goes into an extractor .
We have been told that the finish is smother than traditional skim.