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Sprayable Gras De Laquer type options?

you can dilute crass with spirit to make it brush able.
and tik do an option also .


Sorry Teho, what is crass? Not familiar with that one.

And interesting, will try some of the Tikkurila product … never knew about that either :slight_smile:

I have had a tense relationship with Gras De Laquer … fresh it works a dream but I’ve struggled get it to keep well. But the last 3 or 4 tubs have kept much better so I’m getting on a lot better with it. But definitely would like to try these options as well.

Many thanks for posting.

Great to see you back teho

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sorry i meant gras , but have seen it applied badly so crass is quite fitting lol
i cover mine with linseed oil when not using it just pour it off ,that way it keeps longer.

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Made me laugh here…got it now.

Yes I think I need do that, is a good call that. The last few tins have been on the money but had a bad run before that.

Thanks for the advice.