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Spraying and the right sprayer

I have been spraying now for over 10 years, and still lean some thing every time i get one of them out of the van. My first spray which i still have and use for priming on steel contracts that we do is a Titan 4401, very good sprayer, for such a small machine.

We have now moved into all sectors of spraying in construction , we use a Graco Mark V for spraying Nullifire fire retardant for steel, the Mark V is an all rounder, with lots of power, to spray very heavy materials, and also operate to spray guns at the same time very handy when spray very large areas.

We have two of these machines , we use the other one for spraying plaster , some thing new we have just moved into, early days but we have done some very big contracts, the hole reason for doing this was to get contracts at the very start, if we plaster them we paint them, perfect sense .

We also have a Graco Finish Pro 395, now this is the one i really love , this is two machines in one , an Airless, with a onboard compressor built onto it, so that you can switch between airless, and Air assisted spray for fine finishing.
We never use the Airless function on this machine as we have other sprayer for that and i would not like to put running time on the motor for Airless spraying.

In all every sprayer we use has its own specific job, we learnt this over many years of spraying.


i spotted your Graco HVLP - any advice on best eggshell/satinwood to spray through it?

Hi Dave to tell, the truth, i don’t really use the HVLP much only on small stuff, i use the Finish Pro 395, with hopper pot fitted, so i can spray as little or as much as i need. I spray every make of paint though that one oil and water based.

Dave, Tikkurila Helmi and Feelings spray great through the Graco HVLP. Mylands sprays as well but it will give you a sticky overspray, so a lot of sheeting and masking needs to be done.

Im using mine more and more now. All kitchen doors are primed and first coated with the HVLP. It’s quicker and certainly easier to do it that way after removing them.

What needle size are you using with the Helmi Ron?

thanks TT and Ron,
(I only use needle #5 with acrylic egg/satin)

I’m using a #4 or #5 needle with the Graco for Helmi. I do have the onboard compressor on the 9.5, so that does help.

The #4 needs a little more thinning but gives a finer spray. However the #5 is ok as the Helmi does have good levelling.

Great advice Ron, thanks

Hi Tony @tictac2340 ,

I noticed that you have sprayed USG plaster in the past, Beissier are manufactures in France of ready-mixed spray plaster, under the brand BAGAR, for both airliss and screw pump machines, You can down load a brochure of our airless range from the link below and should you have any up coming project and would like to trial our material please get in contact. Our most popular product from this range is Bagar Airliss G which is the most universal in the range and is suitable for both levelling and finishing coats. We carry stock in the UK.

If you would like more info, please get in contact.


Hi what do you use the small handheld graco for ? Can you use that for snagging touching up ceilings and walls etc

Hi folks Jack pauhl has a very good spraying guide worth checking out .