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Spraying primer / hand painting top coats

I am considering getting a cordless sprayer and adding it to my current workflow. I wondered if you kitchen hand painters might have a view on spray priming the doors and then finishing with a brush? I would still hand paint all the fixed elements of a kitchen however it occurred to me this would speed up the process.

Interested to here your thoughts

I assume you mean one of the cordless sprayers made by Graco for the primer?
The biggest problem with these is the disposable element to the sprayer. They are only designed to spray some 200 litres before needing the packings replaced. This can only be done once (I don’t know why) before the machine is done.
This turns the purchase into a very expensive bit of kit and you really need to do the sums before buying to see if it’s cost effective.
If you intend to spray oil primer Graco only recommend the Fine Finish version which retails for around £875.
I bought the original Minimax and had trouble from the outset. Poor atomisation and spray pattern were the main issues. It also sprayed no where near the specified £200 litres before it packed in. I refuse to spend another £85 + Vat for the packings only to have these issues again.

I think the cordless was designed for commercial maintenance work / touch ups on a spray finish. Also I think it would be a good prospect for finishing one-off front doors, as demo-ed by Jack Pauhl, which is a high value task, and would therefore reduce the pain of the cost per litre of usage.

I am pretty sure I saw the latest incarnation of the Graco cordless is now good for one more repack before it is thrown in the bin, which may be an advance worth considering.

At the 2011 P&D show, fortunately I had already read JP’s review of the machine and had decided against it. However, it didnt stop me asking the sales guy to try and convince me, one more time. I was quite surprised how he omitted to mention the re-packing predicament! That is now common knowledge.

Thanks for your replies.

I had been put off by the throwaway aspect myself however Graco have just brought out a new version (Truecoat Pro II) that is fully serviceable, sprays all paints and cheaper than the FF. I’ve posted here, have a look at the spec it’s definitely tempting…

I must admit my knowledge of airless spray systems is rudimentary as they were mainly used for industrial painting on large steelwork and by decorators as a means to quickly paint walls in office buildings. As a coach painter I used to paint trucks and trailers using the hot spray method which is easy and ideal for oil based paints. Hot spraying is unknown these days and it is over 25 years since I used it last. The technique only requires the use of a standard spraygun and compressor. Heating the paint thins it to a degree that allows spraying and on contact with the surface instantly cools and becomes thicker again thus avoiding runs. If there is interest in the subject I would be happy to give more details and answer questions!!!

[quote]Quote from Paul Higginson on May 26, 2014, 00:39
If there is interest in the subject I would be happy to give more details and answer questions!!! [/quote]

If you could write an article, with a few pics, I will publish on the main site for you with pleasure.

I will try and pick up a suction fed gun and spray a demo panel in the near future, I was also planning to do one covering the colour varnish method which was employed only on the very highest quality jobs. I see no real difference between painting furniture, kitchens or coach work.

[quote]Quote from Paul Higginson on May 27, 2014, 00:38
I see no real difference between painting furniture, kitchens or coach work.[/quote]

The cross over with automotive finishing has really been a driver for improved preparation especially, think Mirka whose abrasives were for the car body shops and what do you know, we decorators have got them now as well. All good, this cross -pollenation idea.

Look forward to your input Paul, thanks.

Thanks Paul, would be very interested to read an article on this