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Spraying questions

Hi folks been spaying today noticed a small drip,when working is there a roller I can use ,that
would be able to roll out and wont notice the difference on surface from the sprayer and roller,
thought about using a axus lime any feedback.Also before applying tape along coving doses it make sense to wizz around edge with coverstain,night before to help prevent tape lifting paint from surface.cheers

A spray machine atomises the paint - it separates the elements. Wet paint on the wall from spraying is in an entirely different constitution than if it has been applied by brush or roller. You can not use a roller or brush on paint that has just been sprayed.
If there is an error, leave it to dry then sand back and deal with it once dry.

Before spraying in someone’s home ensure you are fully conversant with machine and have practiced over and over in a shed or spray booth to master the techniques. Spraying is not a 'pick it up and spray" despite what the Earlex ads might show!!

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Hi folks, I am spraying a room at the moment, I have
caulked a few areas,but now need to apply my tape
to protect against overspray,how long is it best to
leave caulk to fully cure before applying tape,if
painting its a hour and half,but I don’t wont to
apply tape then lift it off when pulling tape up.

HI folks ,at the moment we are using kip tape to protect coving skirting,we have tried today super tape ,which seemed to work very well,can anyone add a few idears on what they find best.On the radaitors,we use 3m on a m3000 tape gun and go arround underneath using bulldog clips so it can’t come unloose can anyone think of any better methods,thanks in advance.

That’s how we do our radaitors.