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Stacking system for drying handpainted doors

Hi ,I had a bit of a dilema as to where to put eight mahogany wardrobe doors to dry as they can take up a lot of room in the store.I purchased two eight foot decking boards and six lengths of two by one for 25 euro and came up with this rack only took an hour to put together.Im also going to put the grey one inch lagging for pipework over each two by one they will just slide on top to protect painted surfaces.The system works really well for me,

This is a photo of the stacking system basic but works really well

That is one solution for a workshop, and I know you can make a similar setup that is self supporting, for taking around on site.

If you want a stacking solution out the box, or in this case out the bag, the Erecta Rack is proving a great hit with Traditional painters. It is very simple, very robust and very adaptable - not just cabinet doors but full size doors, skirtings, anything that can stack. This is a full run down of how to use the erecta rack

Hi I was mightily impressed with the Erecta Rack system, so I went and bought one to do my kitchen doors a while back, shown in another thread.

I used it a little bit but ended up actually painting most of the doors on the carcasses.

Therefore I have a brand new Erecta Rack for sale if anyone is interested. I would accept £150. I live in Ormskirk (in the north West), but am happy to drop it around Warrington, or the Wirral as I travel there quite often.

Clearly collection is best apart from the option mentioned above.

Please email me if your interested.

many thanks for reading and I hope this system will help someone else paint their kitchen or doors in the future.



I have spread the word, let us know if it is sold. Bargain. Thanks. Whats your next project?

Hi All, its sold very quickly glad its gone to a good home. A great forum indeed. I’m now onto my next project which is a small kitchen in a terraced house.

best regards


A few of the traditional painters have been adding to their Erecta rack set-ups recently. Yours will get well used.

keep us posted on your kitchen