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Staining bare mahogany slats

Hi, I have just stained a set of new mahogany slats for a garden seat repair. I decided to use Sadolin One Coat (which I already had for another project). I didn’t prime or treat the wood in any way first. The results are not brilliant!.The finish looks uneven (although that’s possibly my fault) and it took an age to dry properly (24 hours plus). Reading the info. on the can (should have done this before!) I see that the product is not suitable for ‘oily’ wood, and they quote Teak plus one other exotic hardwood I’ve never heard of. Should mahogany be included in the list of ‘unsuitables’?. I’m thinking of giving the slats a gentle rub down and applying a second coat. Do you have any other suggestions?

Many thanks, Philip


1 coat Sadolin is an alkyd based stain, and heavy bodied, so it may well be your technique is causing patchiness (overlaps on too thick, slower to dry?)

You should have cleaned it down with something. If it has dried that is the first hurdle. Now you need it to look better. According to the spec sheet, apply a second coat.

Coating System - 2 coats of One Coat Woodstain applied to new exterior joinery. 1 or 2 coats on other substrates depending on the protection or sheen level required.

Finish - Will provide a semi-gloss finish. While the freshly applied product may have a higher gloss initially, this will reduce,

It may well end up a deeper shade of patchiness, if you do a repeat of the technique for first coat. Try and apply it to one slat at a time and then lay off in a single long stroke .

Hope that helps

Many thanks Andy, I’ll do as you suggest.