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Stairwell ladder?

I am looking for a ladder suitable to use for decorating stairwells of varying heights. I have bought a stairmate to avoid having to use a plank but need a ladder when closed small enough to fit in the van so under 2m closed. I have been looking at the telescopic ones but wonder if they are durable enough?

Take a look around this Little Giant ladder site, they are “built”, as they say in the US!

I’ve used a telescopic ladder for a few years now and wouldn’t be without it. Much easier to get in and out of jobs and easy to pack in the van.
Avoid getting grit and plaster dust on the ladder as this will work it’s way past the seals and make it difficult to adjust…

What make do you have Ron?

I have to be honest I can’t remember. It was ordered online and cost around £100 including delivery. Pretty sure the company was called Ladders Online.

There are plenty of places doing them now though so if you can get a look before you buy you could gauge the quality.