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Starting Out - Best Sander Option?

(DavidJ) #21

Hi, just wondering are you using abranet rolls not sheets with your flex sander and if so where did you get them from?

My Flex sander turned up last week and though I’ve not used it myself yet, the guy who’s helping me out at the moment likes it. Thanks for the steer.

(tictac2340) #22

Hi , Dave
Am new to the site.
If your after rolls , i get them from a company called Rest Exspress, When you say you have a Flex sander is that the one with a 220mm head, a drylining sander ?

(Amateurhour64) #23

[quote]Quote from DavidJ on May 24, 2014, 08:05
Hi, just wondering are you using abranet rolls not sheets with your flex sander and if so where did you get them from?

My Flex sander turned up last week and though I’ve not used it myself yet, the guy who’s helping me out at the moment likes it. Thanks for the steer. [/quote]

Hi there, yes rolls and cut to size, I found them on ebay…quite a few listings. I don’t know if they are the best price but arrived quick. Tried the Dulux decorator center and a local car bodywork place but whilst they have a lot of Mirka products not the 115mm rolls. Can send link if useful.

Yes after about 8-9 hours hanging on to the Flex overhead sanding, I can support Russ and Andy’s recommendation, its rock solid. Only used it on the spachtel surfaces so far but tomorrow will try it on first XD gloss coat fine sand. Hoping it will handle that well as well.

Sick of sanding right now but if you gotta do it then these two products are perfect for it.

(DavidJ) #24

Thanks, will seek out some abranet rolls.

It’s the 115mm one.

(Amateurhour64) #25

Old post but slightly new question.

Been using the Flex sander unit a lot on wood prep rather than paint prep the last week. Seems as adept at wood finishing as paint prep.

But would like to add some form of budget dust extraction. For the outside work I didn’t use anything except the collection bag that comes with it. To be honest that it the weak link in the proposition…the corner has worn through but I guess for £25 what can you do?

For the current wood sanding I’ve hooked it up to our Miele vac. Massive overkill and not good for the unit I suspect. Could anyone recommend a budget extraction vacuum / filter / hose set up that can be glued together fairly easily? Grateful for any suggestions. All the best

(darlic) #26

I started with a de Walt sander good bit of kit, some clever guy I no, made a attachment so it fits the henrey hoover, found it excellent, as for the hoovers there good work horses worth there money.

(Amateurhour64) #27

Yeah that sounds like the fella … a Henry should be cheap enough and an extension hose. Think I have a couple of reducers that came with a Mirka hand sander I got for free. Super idea Darlic…straight to ebay for me for Henry! :smile: … Many thanks

(darlic) #28

No worry’s the name is Jason by the way,goodluck.

(Amateurhour64) #29

Ahh ok well many thanks for the pointer Jason, appreciate the input … got 3 watches on there already for a candidate :slight_smile: All the best

(markjuk) #30

As it’s been recommended here on the TP forum I thought I’d treat myself to a Flex sander (and a few other goodies) which I will be putting through its paces this week attached to my Henry vac.

Got my eye on a Festool set-up as well before Xmas :slight_smile:

(darlic) #31

Them roller covers look interesting never seen them where did you buy them?cheers jason

(markjuk) #32

From My Paintbrush Jason

(darlic) #33

Thank you very much ,

(Amateurhour64) #34

Looks like my hallway :slight_smile:

(markjuk) #35

After much deliberation as to what to buy I’m now all ‘Festooled up’ after reading through all the various posts about sanders here on the TP forum.

I spotted a CTL Midi and an ETS 150/3 EQ Plus sander being auctioned together on eBay. They had only been used a few times so were pretty much as new. I paid £500 for these.

I then bought a compact cleaning kit for £42 and an RTS 400 EQ Plus for £225 both from the Toolfest online store.

I can now sell on my trusty Henry.

Can’t wait now to use my new set-up in the New Year confident that I’ve got a great bit of kit thanks to the recommendations from TP members.

(Amateurhour64) #36

How much you looking for for the Henry Mark? I still didn’t hunt one down yet and have a shed load of varnish stripping still to do. Cheers

(markjuk) #37

Hi ah64

I have sent you a PM.

(markjuk) #38


Did you get my personal message?

(Amateurhour64) #39

Hi Mark, yes sorry I did…apols I sent a few bits out that seems to have failed to get to their intended recipients.

The bundle sounds good but to be honest I have the hand sander and those adds on, think they were a freebie with a couple of rolls of the Abra stuff so I’ve already got that to be honest.

But the main unit sounds interesting and I do still need one. Where abouts’ are you based? Thinking about collection etc if not so far…I’m on something of a budget with all this stuff but definitely interested and yep a couple of days and we start the big project stripping the entire wood frame of the house.

Let me know where you based and if you interested in just the hoover/hose element. if that’s not an option then no worries but have a think on.




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(markjuk) #40

Used my Festool sander/extractor kit that I purchased before Xmas for the first time today.

WOW!! They are outstanding.

I used the ETS 150/3 EQ Plus sander to remove glue residue from walls prior to sealing and lining. Effortlessly swopped over to the RTS 400 EQ Plus to sand down the woodwork and then used a couple of vacuum attachments to swiftly clean up a few bits.

NO DUST!! Bloody fantastic.

Thanks to the TP forum and its members for making me aware of Festool and how having kit like this can make such a difference.

To say I am pleased is an understatement :smile: