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Starting Out - Best Sander Option?

(markjuk) #41

Thanks for buying my trusty Henry & attachments Andrew. Hope it works well for you with your Abranet hand sander and Flex sander (if you can source the right adapter).


(Amateurhour64) #42

…he is limbering up to sand four walls of Presonett on the gym wall as well speak :slight_smile:

Also I found a place in Derby called RecordPower who do spares and parts for the Flex 713 and the adapter is winging it’s way to me as we speak…until then it’s tank tape! Lacking in elegance but short term effective.

Yes thanks Mark…and like I say, when you tire of your Festool…give us a bell, we will look down the back of the settee for funding :slight_smile: …all the best

(Holty) #43

You certainly are tooled up aren’t you Mark?! That is an epic set up! Good prices too. I like the look of that cleaning kit; haven’t see it before. It could be going on my shopping list - have you used it much/is it any good?

(markjuk) #44

Hi Lee

The whole Festool kit is awesome. I sand walls then swiftly swap sanders to do woodwork then hook up a cleaning accessory and hoover up what little dust is around.

It’s the best thing I’ve bought for my p&d business.

Have a look on eBay for all the kit I have, there is usually a bargain to be had.

Here you go:


(Holty) #45

Picked up a Festool RTS400EQ today. Going to keep my eyes peeled for the other bits.
Happy sanding!

(Amateurhour64) #46

…is just ‘sand porn’ :smile: … jealous of TF2!

(Amateurhour64) #47

Morning all…just a quick ask to see if anyone is considering selling all or part of the Festool set up that Markjuk lists above please. Think time has come to look at upgrading my sanding kit to dust free…getting fed up looking like Casper the friendly ghost with a shower cap on! My Flex and Henry still doing sterling work fault free but time for an upgrade.

Anyone how may be looking to sell any of the Festool items listed a couple of postings up then I’d be interested to discuss that any time in the next couple of months. Cheers

(Dave) #48

If you are looking at Festool they are running an offer of £50 off on any extraction unit. I wouldn’t be without mine now, worth every penny and much better for my health!

(Amateurhour64) #49

100% agree Dave…is one of the best investments I’ve made in recent times. I also got the voucher which I don’t need…if it’s any use to anyone shout up and it’s available.

(Dave) #50

Same here, I also have a voucher which another user can take advantage of!

(Mark West) #51

My Midi, RO90, DTS400, and RTS 400 are still going strong after 5 years of almost daily use. The whole lot cost a small fortune but it’s one of the best investments I’ve made in my business.

This year it’s spray gear that will end up costing me a fortune! :smiley:

(chris911) #52

What’s the best for sanding walls and ceilings festool or Mirka and which model.
Cheers chaps

(Amateurhour64) #53

Hi Chris, after using a Flex MS713 for a long time (very solid, cheap & heavy) I enventualy went with a Festool ETS EC 150/5 EQ-Plus Eccentric Sander as advised by one of the guys on TP and added a Festool Midi dust extraction system (2nd hand) and it is simply one of the finest things I’ve ever bought.

It is perfection on wall and ceiling when used with Abranet. Moving from the Flex & a Henry vacuum (which served me very well and is still doing service) to the Festool setup was a life changing event.

Price wise I think it was about £420 although can get 2nd user as well. Build quality is bomb proof (mine so is the Flex unit and that was £25) … and it’s a nice weight.

Hope is useful

(Mark West) #54

Now you’ve started down the Festool road you won’t be able to stop :wink:

(Amateurhour64) #55

You not wrong … it’s becoming an addiction :slight_smile: