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Static charge on a Nilfisk hoover!

OMG! I just had the shock of my life…literally!

I was busy doing some finishing with the sander and all was going well. Then there was a loud boom and dust everywhere. The bag inside the hoover just exploded and I genuinely mean it exploded.

I can only assume there was a static charge and it ignited the fine dust. I’m okay but I am not using the Nilfisk hoover again! The hoover still works which is amazing but it frightened the life out of me!

Time for a proper extraction machine!


Did it go something like this?

Have you asked Nilfisk for a view on what happened?

It is like they were in my house filming me! Nah, it made a loud bang followed by a dust cloud! It took me ages to clean it up afterwards!

Lesson learned, I have ordered a Festool CTL MIDI. I was given a cracking deal on it which I simply couldn’t refuse :grinning: Every cloud (of dust) has a silver (well grey) lining!

I will keep the Nilfisk and it can do the dirty work with rubble etc. I am not sure what I could say to Nilfisk?


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I contacted Amazon as they supplied the Nilfisk. They have asked for it to be returned and I presume they will deal with any tests and/or the return to Nilfisk.

It’s cost me an extra £100 to get a Festool CTL Midi but for the amount of work I have yet to do I am more than happy with that! N&B offered me a reduction as I said and I simply had to say yes!