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Strip a wallpaper border before painting

Went to price a job this evening,the bedroom,walls look OK except one crack in wall,i advised the customer,scrim would be the only solution,filler would show again after few months,i advised ,the customer plastic tape with masking tape down edges,as for glossing,woodwork looked good,but what i was concerned,there
is a border going round the bedroom wall,i always thought,the adhesive would become impregnated in the wall am i write.Thought about using zif and sponge any tips,would i need to use a sealer,or would keying the surface be enough,
then paint,as for the wallpaper photo enclosed,advised customer,embossed paper
like hers was used to cover imperfections,and that if the wallpaper is stripped
the walls may need replastering,or if there OK,will need filling and sealing with zinerser gardi ,how difficult will embossed paper be to remove?i advised
customer plastic tape on stairs,hard floor hallway,lining paper,want to achieve
some good word any advice appreciated.The picture below is one off the jobs me
and my son done,great satisfaction,keep pressing on.The wallpaper i will upload on another post.

[quote]Quote from darlic on July 20, 2014, 21:02
there is a border going round the bedroom wall. I always thought the adhesive would become impregnated in the wall am I right.[/quote]

Not necessarily. It could come off easily if it is vinyl, (peel the face off then soak the backing) or it could be a pain if it is a washable (perforate the surface and get water behind), or it could be a sticky back plastic border which may take paint layers off.

If you can get the face off, then as has been said go through the stages, hot water and a sponge, add Fairy Liquid and if that doesn’t work, if it is glue, try DIF, or it may be suitable to power sand the remnants away.

Fill, sand, then you have options depending on what you see.

Gardz to seal pasted walls, finish with paint; or Beeline Primer Sealer / Albany version to seal before lining and papering

Yes, if the paste is off.

If there is any flaking paint or friable surfaces that need attention, I would belt and braces seal it.

The room with the ceiling lights, looks a tidy job. You know what I’m going to suggest with your workwear!!!


Thanks Andy,when you reviewed my website you said that i got into action and ordered some but that day the heat was just to much to be wearing overhauls,as for the job loved every minute,now got to paint his skirting s and doors,even now got a key really nice customer,as for the job above,got to go back check adhesion off paint with tape and check for powdery surface with wet finger,this customer was supriced we turned up,other decorators didn’t,said we don’t start another job until we finish existing job,we put a good days work in,and to stay on the side off caution,would charge hourly rate,so i don’t overcharge,but also don’t undercharge.What i need to do is get colour charts,from different paints,to leave customer,also carry some sample pots off standard colours so i can show customers,but things are moving nicely.