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Stripping,bleaching refinishing exterior varnished windows

Hi I have to strip,bleach and refinish. Not sure what to strip it with yet but was going to use rustins 2 pack bleach. And maybe yacht varnish.any other ideas on what stripper,bleach and clear Finish to use would me much appreciated.Uploading…

This is a case study by Richard Willott of stripping and oiling oak windows using Fluxaf and Osmo oil. Plus info on Lacq timber products from Holland.

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Cheers Andy was thinking of using thr rustins to pack bleach or osmo reviver gel as a bleach.

what other clear products could I use for a finish.I was thing along the lines of filter 7 not sure if they do a clear finish though.

oak with clear varnishes doesn’t do well with. Consider a coating system involving a tint.

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