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Stripping old varnish on mahogany wood - Struggling to get perfect result

It is a degreaser from Fluxaf. It works :smile:

One example of many @MartinGuest cleaning

The fact it is a concentrate is a big plus too, in that diluted 1:10 covers general degreasing and you can obviously go up or down the dilution rates for each task. Instead of having to buy different products, buy a set of empty bottles for different rates and you are set.

KK obviously do a great job too, different approach with Original or job specific alternative bottles.

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Ahh ok, thanks Andy. Have to confess I didn’t read as carefully as should have and missed that step. Interestingly the result on the mantle wasn’t as good as the rest of the room. Whether it was this or not I’m not sure but will definitely factor this in for the next phase and see how what impact it makes.

Interesting link to Martin’s work.

Many thanks for the pointer