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Stripping wallpaper and protecting carpets

I :slight_smile: have a room coming up to strip,i read your excellent article,the carpets good,i want it to stay that way.If i was painting i would tape the whole carpet with plastic tape,but because its wallpaper,the only risk is getting water on the carpet,not risk of paint that may not come out.Could i go around edges with tape then lay sheets on the rest,if you no what i mean as i will be working i will have a plastic bin the paper will go in that,so there’s no chance of paper sticking to feet and walking around house with it on,can you give me some suggestions guys.

first check with client if they are keeping carpet or replacing

if keeping, then fully protect carpet with ‘roll and stroll’ or similar to avoid water damage.

place steam stripper on board, plywood etc, so no risk of heat from underside of steamer causing damage to carpet or any other floor covering.

either place sheets of newspaper on floor, strip the walls let wallpaper fall onto newspaper then frequently fold up up newspaper and wallpaper put in bin bag

or have large flexi tub to drop waste into.

be systematic, clear up frequently, work tidy to stop floor from getting slippery and unsafe.

Thanks David the idear with the newspaper excellent,everything i have read suggests not using a steam stripper,use zinerser product avoids risk off blowing plaster.

yes, minimise the time spent with a steam stripper. The pump garden sprays are good for wetting walls - spike the paper well, spray with warm water+Zinsser DIF