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Hi what areas would you recommend painters researching ,just want to make sure my son is well educated.Hes, looked at zinerser products and problem solving,read some of jack pauhl guides ,also has a decorating college book,he also
reading how to win friends influence people ,to help with dealing with customers,any suggestions please.

Hi Darlic.
With regard to dealing with customers I would suggest the following:

  1. Honesty, integrity and openness is absolute.
  2. Mistakes, we all make them and when you do, put your hand up and admit to it.
  3. Keep the customer in the loop at all times and Communicate at every level and where possible discuss all options irrespective of how crazy they may seem.

It has worked for me as when I get a call from one of my customers they just say ‘do the job’ money is not mentioned. All because they know I am absolutely honest and open and if I repeat if there is a problem they know I will return to sort it without cost.

Hope this helps on this particular element of your issue.


Thank you for your tips.

Anyone looking to furthur there study,in decorating should take a look at jack paughlyou can become a member for free ,but
you can join his private forum,for a monthly fee,like this site he has plenty to teach ,and is a good painter sprayer,passing
on lots of good info,i have learned a lot from him just like traditional painter.

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