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Suggestions for mixing filler

I have been using small roller tray with them lovely axa filling blades,whats the best way to do this.,mixing powder filler,anyone got any good idears,peice of plywood,with timber around the edge,thanks guys :frowning:

10L paint tub,cut down to about 5in in height ,lovely for mixing and easy clean.

Anymore good idears!

In a previous life i worked in the rubber industry and at an exhibition in Germany they were moulding filling bowls made from silicone, flexible and nothing sticks to it. Had it for years. I also have a couple of plastic footballs cut in half

Small quantities, Iā€™d think ready mixed tub filler held on a big filling knife or caulker blade. Mixing powder filler in small quantities, use some sort of a hawk. But the silicone bowl, presumably like a half football? thats a knock out suggestion,

Plastic camping plate?