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Super fine filler

Hi all

I have not been around as ill health kicked in again! Anyway I am now moving onto another area of my project and I am looking for a super fine filler. I use Toupret TX110 which is very good and perhaps there is nothing smoother but I thought I would ask the professionals.

One other thing…is it Toupret as in (Pret)zel or Toupret as in Pray?



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Hi Dave,

Toupret TX110 is great, also take a look at the Presonett range: I’ve got on well with it in the past… also, in this link is the Dunlop range, I’ve personally not used it, but I’ve heard some positive words!?

My understanding is that it is pronounced “Two-pray”… (happy to be corrected though!)


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Here’s a run down on specialist fillers from Toupret. Beissier / Prestonett are their main competitors in Europe and have made a splash in the UK market since I wrote that article.