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"Take That" hand-painted kitchen in Hilderstone Staffordshire - photos

Traditional painter Martin Dunn who hand paints kitchens in Staffordshire refurbished this large handbuilt kitchen, 15-20 years old with dovetail drawers and morticed-and-tenoned doors.

It had been ragged and marbled to a high standard, but was looking dated

Preparing a previously painted kitchen that has a textured surface. Festools dust extraction machine sanders deal with this sort of job, cleanly and very thoroughly.

Repair Care was used to fill large holes on the backs of doors left after alterations.

Stixall tube filler was used on movement cracks.

The client wanted two different colours, so Martin had oil based Zinsser Coverstain primer tinted light grey (for the outsides) and stayed white coverstain (inside cupboards).

The primer is quick drying and sands down super smooth. The finish of 2 coats of Little Greene oil eggshell were brush applied except the plate rack which was sprayed with an HVLP machine.

The main colour is Bone China Blue deep.

Inside cupboards is Gauze.

Picked out areas, plus back of glass unit and plate rack - Carmine.

Plinth - Juniper ash.

Another successful kitchen re-paint done with the help of Martin’s trusted decorator, Kevan Handley.

Off the record, it turned out this house was once rented by Robbie Williams when he first found fame with Take That.

The full article is here

Any thoughts on the sanding kit? What abrasives would you have used?