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Taping trim

Got my next job coming along, on this I am looking to paint the woodwork first caulk ,undercoat and gloss, then emulsion. How long would it be best to leave paint to dry before applying tape was thinking of using yellow frog tape as this is low tack.In my oppion I thought three days from when gloss is applied this will give plenty of time for caulk to harden.cheers

In terms of adhesion, genuinely low tack tape will not affect the integrity of delicate dry paint surfaces, especially if left on for a short time.

As always, test a small area before going all out.


it depends on how the first coat adheres.
If you use a slow curing product like 123 without thorough prep you will have problems with the paint peeling for sure unless you leave it at least 7 days. If you use a hybrid like Johnstone’s Aqua you shouldn’t have a problem the day after top coating

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