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Textured Spray Paint for Plastic Surfaces. Any Ideas?

Afternoon all,

Have a plastic green electrical enclosure that I need refinish in a stone textured finish and wandering if anyone has any ideas?

I’ve used the Rustoleum Textured Autumn Brown for metal surfaces but wandering how to approach plastic … this is the item in question…

Not the prettiest … was bought with the idea of it sitting in a tree holding electrical connections. That didn’t work out too well so now it’s on the floor on top of cotswold 20mm gravel and looks a pigs ear.

I’ve used this type of stuff (with an etch primer) with success but wandered what you could recommend.


Hi plastic can be tricky, look up plastikote,they may have something your looking for,we used it on metal was quiet good, product.Let us no what you use and how you get on.