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Thinning Little Greene waterbased eggshell

Just a quick question. I used this paint very successfully this summer (painted an old bureau) and had lots left over. It’s kept well in the tin but has thickened even more and I did have probs at first using it because of its gloopiness and lack of wet edge. Now I want to use it on a bedside table and a couple of chairs which will be trickier as more ornate.

My instinct is to thin it a little (up to 10%?) with cooled boiled water and stir well while praying to the gods of painting.

So, Gods of Painting: any advice please?

HI, if the wet edge was a problem, was the base coat too absorbent? To increase the drying time try adding Floetrol conditioner, up to 10%, no praying required.

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Zamix Latex Extender it works for me if you can get it

Thank you, Andy and Steve.
In the end I went with my own suggestion and diluted with 5% cooled boiled water and tried it out on the bedside table. It did the trick perfectly, went on smoothly with good coverage, and didn’t extend drying time from the previous piece I’d done which surprised me.
The reason for ignoring you Painting Gods (!) on this occasion was that the bedside table was found outside a nearby dustbin and ‘rescued’ and wasn’t particularly special, and that both the products mentioned are a bit expensive for one small job.
@Andy, the base coat was fine.
I’ve noted both your recommendations for future work, which may include the chairs I mentioned, and thanks very much for your replies.
Oh, you want bef and aft pictures? OK. Below.

Cheers and all the best for 2015,
Painted Lady