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Thinning slightly thickened filler container - possible?

Morning all. Think this should be fairly obvious but just to check before ruining a 10kg tub.

Have a couple of Prestonett Joint Filler arrived which are significantly thicker on the one side of the tub than the other. Not sure why as were fresh ordered…maybe stored cold? Not sure.

The other half is fine but was wandering if it’s safe to add a little water and stir to a more consistent mix? Or will that affect the consistency of the mix? Or indeed should I add something else rather than water?

Advice gratefully received as always. Should note, the filler is not so bad as to not be unusable but noticeably thicker and making consistent application a little awkward. Cheers

Very weird…tub sat overnight and this morning has sort of levelled out in consisitency. Don’t really understand why but since opening, using a little, sealing and opening again…all seems well???

Still curious if adding water (or other) is a valid why to thin the filler. Cheers

Not used Prestonett but have thinned down tub fillers before without issue

Hi Craig…thanks for replying…and would you just use a small amount of water or something else? Cheers

just a little water until you get it how you want.

My old boss used to spit in on his knives when the filler was on them and mix it in

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Brilliant cheers for that Craig…it sounds a daft question but better to check before ending up with a 10kg brick or butter ! :grinning:

I usually only thin down as and when I need it. But guess it ahould be ok
ti do the lot - don’t quote me on that though! :slight_smile:

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Cheers Craig…no in reality that particular tub regained it’s composition…no idea how it thickened locally…was stored right and stood a few days in the same room.

The second tub was back to perfect and in fairness the Prestonett stuff has been perfect every time so far for me. But good to know it’s possible. Thanks Craig