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Tikkurila Feelings Furniture or Ultra Classic

I will order tomorrow,Tikkurila feelings paint,i didn’t want a matt,but was thinking can i apply poly-vine dead flat varnish to give it a bit of a sheen,you would make a great teacher Andy.

Please ask Holmans for a sample if you arent sure what the sheen level is like.

and if you are going to the expense of the Feelings, just use it as nature intended. ie please don’t apply dead flat varnish

Tikkurila satin is tougher than acrylic dead matt varnish. And there is not much info on long term adhesion issues or other side effects of going the route you describe.

You could also ask for a sample of Ultra Classic, the paint for trim that has the same finish as Feelings.

Hey Andy,
can you tell me a bit about the Ultra classic?

If you go to Holmans website information is on there,i am going to ask them to send me some samples.

Have a look through some of the blogs TP kitchen painters have written that include pictures of kitchens finished in Tikkurila Furniture Feelings, it doesn’t dry to a matt finish, its a semi matt with about a 20% sheen level, Polyvine ‘Dead Flat’ varnish is as it says ‘Dead Flat’ no sheen!