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Tikkurila Helmi Primer - how many coats

I am painting some wood with Helmi primer having sanded the old paint flat. Some areas were thinner so you can see those patches. I have applied one coat and it has flattened nicely. I am not sure if I should add another coat of primer or go for two coats of Helmi 5 Matt? I really think more primer coats is best but would appreciate the views of more experienced users.

What would fellow Tikkurila users do?



Always make sure the basecoats are solid before applying topcoats, ie don’t rely on topcoat coverage of Helmi.

5 - is that a typo or are you product testing?


Oops! That’s a typo, it should be 10!!

Thanks Andy, I decided to add another coat of primer and it is starting to please me now. I will add a third one and I think it should be done!

The client said “You don’t rush it do you Dave, I am pleased to see you taking pride in it!” She is a guinea pig really so I’m being paid (not that much) to improve my skills and feed my OCD perfection mindset :yum:

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i always paint base coats to obliteration phase - the surface and not me i mean !


Would you say All bare wood should have 3 coats of undercoat /primer before topcoat?