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Tikkurila Kiva 30 or Intact Laq 30?

Hi All,

I have built, and with help from some of the good folks on this forum, painted my own kitchen. Part of the process was making carcasses and drawer boxes from birch ply. To finish the birch I used Ronseal Diamond Hard satin varnish, which most of you will probably know, is water bourn product. Now, as far as the final result gos I’m happy with it. The problem was getting the result. It really took 4 coats with a light sanding to produce the kind of finish I was looking for. Now, having been recommended by some of the forum users, Tikkurila Helmi paint for the doors and face frame, I was wondering if anyone had any experience of the Tikkurila Kiva 30 or Intact Laq 30? What I’m hoping for is a clear coat finish of some kind, that will go on in a couple of coats, dry reasonably quickly and give a good finish. Maybe I’m pushing my luck to satisfy all those criteria.

Thank you for any advice given.

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Couple of questions - have you committed to Helmi? and which sheen level? I’m assuming the clear coats are to try and enhance durability?

Hi Simon,

Thank you for your response. The clear finish is to go onto bare birch plywood. I’m wanting to use it to coat the insides of kitchen drawers and wardrobe interiors. I was trying to find someone who may have used the Tikkurila Kiva product and get some opinions on how many coats required. The Ronseal product is taking four coats, which is obviously highly demanding on time, when you build large projects. I have now got a couple of sample pots to try and it seems promising. The only question left unanswered, is that if durability? Have you any thoughts on that? Thanks again.

Hi Keith Helmi is a good paint, never used tikurala kiva,or intact laq,myself i like to research paints, before using, look at the quality’s i need.I like paints that hold up well, and good coverage.Whenever i am stuck,i ask holmans,they have expert service,and no there products better than anyone,and always happy to send brochures.

Hi Darlic, Thanks for your response. I do believe you helped me decide on the primer and paint for my kitchen project, last year. That’s what brought me to the Helmi. I’m very grateful for your input. The Helmi is a great paint. I have been trying out the Kiva since ordering a couple of samples and It seems very good also. It gives me what I want in two coats rather than four, which is a huge benefit. Thanks for the advice regarding Holmans too, I’ll bare them in mind.

Apologies for late reply.
I’d thought you were planning on using the Kiva to go over the Helmi with - my mistake.
Looks like you’re finding it satisfactory for the task going over the birch ply.
Tikkurila products in general are of a reasonable standard, I’m sure it’ll work out well.
I’d be interested in an update a year down the line, as to the durability of the Helmi - which sheen level did you opt for?

Hi Simon, I used Helmi 10 as I didn’t want a shiny finish. its been done for about 7 months and seems to be holding up well. it wipes clean and so far hasn’t suffered any stains. I’ve got wardrobes office cabinets and bathroom units to make in the not too distant future, so I will be using Helmi quite a bit. I thought I’d attach a couple of photos of the kitchen too. It is much further on now, than in the photos but you’ll get a lot at the paint. I made the kitchen from American Poplar for the door frames and MR-MDF for the door panels. The panels are sprayed with HVLP and the face frame and door frames are brushed. I’m sure a pro painter would be able to do better but as a hobbiest with a want for things to be as good as I can achieve, I’m pretty chuffed. Thank you for coming back again. Cheers, Keith.

I’d say most pro painters would be chuffed with your results - looks great Keith. :grinning:

I’d say Kitchens (particularly makeover ones) are one of the most demanding of decorating

jobs, but even new work requires a high level of attention to detail, and finishing skills.

Did you add an extender to the Helmi? and what did you use as a primer? What colour have

you used? Is it a Tikkurila one or a match?

Hi Simon,

Thank you for your kind comments. It means a lot to me. I did have issues with the painting that were incredibly frustrating. The problems cam in the form of pin-holing. I would spray on the Otex primer, spay the first top coat and all was okay. When I sprayed the second top coat, was when the pin-holing happened. I’m not sure exactly what the cause was in the end. I think it might have been to do with the tack cloths I was using. I discovered they have wax in them, so I swapped to cloths specifically for use with water born paints. I’m getting old, so I don’t recall precisely how I fixed it. I didn’t put an extender in the Helmi. I’m pretty sure Tikurilla warned against it, but I could be wrong. Thank you for your help Simon.