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Tikkurila Optiva 5 - a brief review

My dog has injured himself so it’s a day of admin with the odd bit of home decorating.

On the advice of others on here, I decided to try the Optiva 5 from Tikkurila on a new project for a client. She was a friend of a friend and was really disappointed by the previous attempts on her hallway. I had a look at it and informed her she needed to get the old paint off, get the plaster repaired and then use a proper primer and paint to get the finish she needed. We agreed a price and I set about removing the old paint first.

I spoke to the guys at Valtti and ordered some Optiva 5 in a custom colour. They were so quick to help me and next day the paint arrived.

I like the type of lid they use on the tin, it has a plastic tab which you lift and this breaks the seal. You can then remove the lid easily. Because it sits over and around the tin it means you don’t get a skin forming on the edge which can be damn annoying when you use the tin next time. I gave it a good stir and poured some into a Wooster tray. I made the mistake of pouring over the tab area - note to self…don’t do that again! Okay so it was only a bit messy but it is much better to pour it away from that tab.

The paint has a creamy consistency and is low odour, it reminds me of a paint smell from years ago. I know that may sound a bit strange but it definitely evoked memories of my Dad painting the house.

I took a 9" Arroworthy 1/4" nap roller, loaded it up and tried a small test patch. The paint covers very well and is very easy to apply. I tried to push too hard and obviously it looked poor but a quick roll with correct pressure and it produced a good finish. The paint is very workable and once you get into a good rhythm it covers fast and even.

I allowed it to dry and found most areas were touch dry in about an hour. It advises 2 hours on the product sheet for the first coat to dry and 4 hours before applying a fresh coat. I did the first in the morning at around 09:00 and then applied a second coat at 14:00 the same day. The second coat was a delight and the lady was very pleased. It was a light colour, Nutmeg White, but you could see a consistent coverage and colour across the walls.

Obviously I do not have the experience of some on here but this is the easiest paint I have ever used. It seems impossible to get a bad finish on walls and when you consider it is scrub resistant it is great in high traffic areas like hall and stairs.

I would highly recommend this paint, 5 Stars from me!


Do you have the number of where you can buy it from,dave,i am looking to give all coat water based a try worth looking at,how are you removing old paint?

I used a mixture of sanding and scraping to remove the old paint and then I used TX110 to patch and flatten the worse bits. I then sanded it again and covered with Zinnser Gardz but AllCoat will do the same job.

The phone number is 0131 334 4999 You can speak to Daryl who is very helpful and also David Turkington in Finance who will create the account and prices for you. His e-mail is

They can tint it to any colour which really helped me because the lady wanted nutmeg white which doesn’t have a RAL!


i take it your using abranet what grade did you find best?

I used an HD60 on my Deros for two very bad patches which had been poorly filled. On the rest I used 120 which removed the paint no problem. I did need to whiz over the bad patches with a mix of 80 then 120 but it all smoothed out nicely.

PS Voucher posted to you today.

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