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Tikkurila Presto LF+ filler

As I am stuck at home, the wife has found lots of jobs for me to do :crazy_face:

I stripped the paper from the dining room walls and found the walls in poor condition. When chatting to Andy via e-mail, I described it as mini crazy paving. I do not have the skills to plaster the wall, so I considered lining paper. The walls are small with lots of features, so I ruled out the paper lining. I had ordered some paint and decided to include some Presto LF+ filler in a 3-litre tub.

The filler is a light grey colour which suited me perfectly; I am more used to white Toupret TX110. I did not want to mix up the TX110 for this job as I wanted to start with a basic finish and use Toupret to perfect it.

In these situations, I start by sanding the walls with a 120 grit on my Mirka Deros. In some areas, I needed an 80 grit because the previous owner used a plastic filler; I swear it was car body filler! I then painted the wall with a white Optiva primer. It was a necessary one-coat application with a roller. I find it easier to spot the imperfections when this has dried.

The Presto LF+ is very smooth; it is akin to a thick cream and applies easily. On my first run, I used a flexible filling knife and applied filler to all cracks and dents. The advantage of the grey against the white is you can see when the filler is close to drying. I took a smooth damp sponge and wiped the areas. This would reduce the latter sanding phase. When it had completely dried, I used the Deros with a 120 grit. I found a 1mm-2mm layer of filler would take around 1.5-2.0 hours to fully set and dry.

One note of caution. The filling depth limit is 6mm, and I concur with that figure. Yes, it could be nearer 5mm, but that is splitting hairs. On one patch I was stupid, and the hole was too deep at around 10mm. It shrunk and cracked, which required me to remove half of it and start again. I guess that is a lesson learned.

Overall, I am impressed, the application is easy, and it sands to a superb flat finish. Just beware the depth, and you will not go far wrong with this. On general quick fills, this will be my goto filler.

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Thanks very much for that explanation, sounds great. One more for the database!