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Tikkurila virgin

Firstly I apologize if this has been asked before.

I’ll be painting a kitchen in the next couple of weeks and after all I’ve read I’m looking to use Feelings furniture paint, but never used before so after some advice.
Little nervous of the job as the old cupboards are being moved around (not by me) to fit into a new designed kitchen, so I’m sure there will be filling and patching to do too, but confident I can produce a good finish for the customer.

The kitchen is oak and about 10 years old and in good order, already painted with a matt finish in light blue.
After prep what would the best filler be and best primer be to use? Is it advisable to use Feelings primer, tinted to the top coat colour?
Also what about using a paint conditioner? Again never used them so advice would be great.
I’ve really got to like the Fox brushes, so are these good for Feelings paint too.
The more I think of this job the worse it sounds 8O but I know I can give a great finish for the customer.

You can type in the search forums bar’ for related topics, however after the usual degrease and prep, I would go for either of two options depending on what the quality of existing finish is like:

  1. For slightly friable surfaces; spot prime with Isofix or Zin BIN, apply tinted Otex high adhesion primer x 1 coat, apply 2/3 top coats.

  2. Straightforward repaint; Feelings undercoat x 1, feelings U/C and Top coat 50/50 then final top coats as required. No need to add any extenders to feelings IMO, jst a splash of council pop oin your top coats.

Although I use a variety of Fox brushes on kitchens, I don’t use them for laying off large door areas as I personally find them a little to stiff for this particular process, I opt for a Corona Kingston, Wooster Silver Tip or a Royal & Langnickel. Everyone has their personal preference and its what you feel comfortable and happy with not what anyone says you should use. The Hamilton laying of brush is also good for larger areas and I always rol1 and tip!

The Helmi Matt from Tikkurila is also a superb product, if its a matt finish the client is looking for.

On a related note, I used Tikkurila Empire for the first time yesterday. Fantastic for the first 15 or 20 minutes, came off my Purdy Monarch Elite beautifully. Bit later on it started to thicken up, so I added a touch of Owatrol, but that didn’t seem to help.

Not sure whether it’s me or the paint - possibly the temperature as it’s been so warm?

I don’t get why Tikkurila say not to stir it, unless for thinning, in which case you must leave it to become gelatinous again before using.

I know this is good paint, so does anyone have any pointers? It’s possible it worked well initially because brush was straight out of the brush mate, which sometimes helps.


Thanks Russ for your advice, sorry for the delayed appreciation as been soooo busy.
That job has been put on the back burner for a month but will keep your advice handy, tbh was my similar thoughts too after doing my research but always good to hear from someone who is experienced in the product