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Time saving tips for painting spindles and 6 panel doors on HSL

Continuing the discussion from Painting over swirl effect walls with Little Greene Acrylic matt on stairway:

  1. Trim - Previously used Mythic on another room with reasonable success but am considering trying Bedec Aqua Advance. What concerns me is with 12 doors (6 panel) and the bannister spindles etc rub down, clean, mask, prime, and 2 topcoats is going to take forever. Any time saving tips?

What type of finish does the customer want on the trim? If it’s eggshell you could look at Mylands. This product is a hybrid and gives an excellent finish and usually in 2 coats. Just sand the paintwork, wipe over with Krud Kutter Gloss Off and apply 2 coats of finish. Mylands recommend their primer first on painted trim, but believe me you don’t need it.

The product seems fairly thin but opacity is good, if you are overcoating a similar colour, and application is a breeze. You may need to watch for runs on the edge of door frames if you get a build up, but thats all.

They also make a gloss which is a little harder to work with as it has a higher oil content and can be sticky on the brush, like Johnstone’s Aqua. It’s not a really high shine but I haven’t had any complaints when I’ve used it.

Mythic is ok, but needs priming. It is also prone to brushmarks under the wrong conditions.

The Bedec Aqua Advanced primer has good coverage and if you are going for an Eggshell finish the Satin is apparently quite a low sheen so could pass as Eggshell (although not used top coat myself). Use the sponge sanding pads on the spindles for speed and comfort or even better if you already have a Mirka Interface pad use this with some Abranet on it. Maybe use one of the Packexe or Roll and Stroll products alongside your masking to reduce dust collection and general trip hazards

Thx for that. You’re mostly in line with my thought. I was thinking if i could use gloss off - could i use that instead of primer for Bedec?

Good call for ultimatt, i do use that for HSL

The swirl is a paint effect with a rag and scumble I thing. Clean and pretty flat - professionally done but outmoded.

Still slightly concerned about the spindles and bannister, not done them with WB so need to work out the best way to avoid brushmarks. Wouldn’t know where to start with spraying!

So did the job and it looks great. No bother painting on to of the paint effect.

Trim had clean with gloss-off, bedec primer, 2 coats of Mythic white gloss (WB). Tried out a variety of brushes inc Fox and Wooster Silver tips. Really likes the axus lime rollers on the doors. Happy customer

Got any pics to show off?