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Time saving ways

We finished our last job,we noted between me and my son where we could work more efficiently,and acted.

I am purchasing a fold up sack barrow,and 80 litre storage boxes so we can save time there.

We have a paint go, paint mate,and kovrd so there’s no cleaning off brushes, and rollers store nicely.

We are looking at keeping a selection of tapes for different surfaces, any advice appreciated.

As for rollers keep in stock the large Wooster rollers a must, that would have saved time.

May even look at a spray kit any ideas there for emulsion? Don’t dulux do a day course.

As for customers, certainly carrying paint charts would have been good idea.

Getting an advertising board to place where we working would save some footwork on the leaflets, or even magnetic signs. Sample paint pots with our label to give to the customer if they chipped a bit off paint.

On this job we have finished we have,bought them some polish for there patio glass, just a nice way off saying thank you,and getting some good word out.

Any feedback much appreciated, the tool below is our new tool from axus take a look. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Working as cleverly as possible should be all of our goals from the start to finish,theres nothing more that impacts profitability than being efficient.The last year we have been relying on flyers for work, and it has worked extremely well on Sunday evenings but we are now experimenting with a local magazine ,and regular advertisements this go’s into the areas we leaflet, if it works it will save a lot off footwork,the other area I am looking at is when we work on park homes time lost going up and down ladders, if you have a unit 45 feet unit lot of time could be saved working on work platform.Any timesaving ways please post cheers.

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Has anyone used zinerser all coat water based this has got to be a product worth trying covers on most surfaces in one coat,any feedback?cheers

Surely we need to focus on what we do most, like painting, glossing extra learning to use the equipment to full potential?