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Time tracking and efficiency/learning/practise

Hi folks do you time track your work Do you keep a journal? How do you make sure your working as cleverly as possible? Do you have a to do list.

Hi Darlic
Yes I track my time. If it’s a new type of project I track my time in detail so I can refer back later for reference and quoting.

I usually write this in my diary then put it in my job notes file stored on my computer.

I also journal/diary my days, mostly for planning but also to keep track of my hours. I also use the notes app on my phone for this.

To do list… I have many lists :rofl: :rofl: Some are years old but those are my personal lists, my work diary is my main working to do. I have a A5 planner with the days of the week on the left and a lined page on the right. I write notes on the right and it is also my rolling to do list.
Tried many digital systems over the years but a pencil and diary is way more effective.

I’m not sure how useful this might be to any of you that record a log of your daily achievements at work, but I use an app on my iPhone called Diaro. I keep notes on what I have managed to get done during each day. You can add images from your phone camera too. If you have a Diaro account, you can sign in on a laptop also.

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Daybook (Android & Apple) is good, a bit pricey at £7.99 per month though! Free version great but no link up to computer.

I probably should have mentioned that Diaro, from memory, is a one off payment for the pro version. You do need to use a service such as Dropbox to sync it with all your devices if that is your need. I can’t remember what online storage/sync services are compatible with Diaro. I do personally use Dropbox.

Great responses so far, something else i would add we need to know our peak times, of working. With keeping a journal/dairy, we can see gaps,wheres there’s room for improvement.

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Hi folks i was thinking today about learning ,and how we can create an environment where we all learn from each other. How do you learn best, I would like to hear your ideas,myself i have learned, if your not scared to make mistakes you will learn so much more.

Hi folks, for me its all about quality not quantity. For freehand with brush, I tape lining paper to wall, I also use a artist board,i have another board that has sockets on, that i use to practise cutting.I have another board i use for testing,fillers/primers,at the moment testing emulsion mixed with filler. I also have pieces of skirting board, for testing, glosses.