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Time wasting your thoughts

Hi folks where could you save time?how much more money could you make if your time was used wisely? Think about it from the minute you leave the house. Is the van well organised can you find stuff easy. Product selection, this is where time can be saved,one paint takes 1 hour to recoat one takes 4,some trade paints take 1 to two coats to cover, others 3.Look at caulk gun selection to caulks, to application, to the sander you use and brushes rollers, and application methods Lets hear your thoughts where have you lost time in the past.

I’m seriously considering moving to spraying.
Paint drying time is important also in several ways, not just to reduce time between coats but also where time is limited and it needs to be dry for access etc.

Funny you say about spraying, I was watching some guys today,they were doing a great job, with the masking they could have saved a lot of time with a 3 m masking film tape applicator, instead of doing it by hand.

Jack Pauhl wrote on efficiency - the - go to the job and prime the woodwork first, was enough for me, still working on that.
Ok so I always go back to an old painter I know, who never uses a roller. Everything is brushed. He plods along, tidy work, tidy living and is always booked up 2 years in advance.

Spraying: I’ve been converting a 161 year old building for a client. Currently working round with clay paint. The size of the building requires scaffold towers inside. Its taking me days. Conversely, I sprayed the mist coat and it took 6 hours to do the entire building.

Jack Pauhl i learned a lot everything was gospel, hope hes keeping well,did you ever watch any of his Brush/rolling videos?

I watched a Picasso brush demo - I hope is other vids are better scripted.

I am an old dog who is struggling with new tricks, but your thread is important.

So, whilst my trade is decorating and plastering. My profession is a builder working with all trades. I can safely say that right across the building industry there is too much inefficiency.

If I were teaching someone to lay bricks - I would teach them to set up correctly including where the bricks are stacked and where you stand. It is a must for brick laying, both for efficiency and making sure your body lasts. I do not see that in other trades.

Anyone coming through needs to learn paperwork: quoting invoicing, communication, finding a decent van. Working with suppliers. That is before you get to the job.
I have got to stage where I can pretty much anticipate hidden problems in the job. What I cannot plan for is other people and its people and the battles that you have with your self that kills time on jobs

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I no where your coming from, when you say i can pretty much anticiptate hidden problems.Sadly its normally left to the painter to sort out, like plaster on coving.Somthing that has helped me is focusing on what i do most in the day, and working, cleverly as possible.

What happened with the coving?

For me tackling the jobs that I don’t normally do.

I need to fit an oil boiler on a current project. My plumber is no where to be seen because he doesn’t do oil. So the job stalls.

I now have a belief that you hit the difficult stuff head on so you can enjoy the easy stuff that you do without thinking.