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Timing of applying XD 2nd Coat

Hi there.

Have redone ground floor exterior woodwork using cover stain on well prepared wood, Rubbol primer, Spachtel & 1 x XD gloss…mega result.

However then flatted down the first gloss coat, applied Spachtel locally & sparingly on small blemishes (result of first time usage, not so bad but improvable)and then flatted down whole area…took ages to do and very flat indeed…240 grit.

Applied 1 x XD cost and whilst finish is good, it’s not as perfect as before.

Applied it during day (late morning) and sun was direct, not so warm but certainly warmer than when applied original perfect coat in early evening.

Paint can same, brushes same, techniques pretty well the same. Just curious why my gloss coat appears worse after flatting/filling/flatting than direct onto Spachtel? Temperature? Heat?

When is the best time/temp to apply XD to acheive the result I saw first pass?

Many thanks in advance