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Tint Zinsser Coverstain


I work as a self-employed decorator, mainly in London and the South-East. Traditional Painter is a fantastic resource. Thanks to Andy and all involved for taking it to this level.

I have a question about tinting Zinsser Coverstain. I’m a big fan of the product but have never tinted it before. I’ve got some grey exterior windows to do soon and it would make sense to tint the Zinsser primer to the topcoat if possible. Will it tint to grey? And how would I do it? My local Brewers said they didn’t offer the service when I spoke to staff there a few months ago. I’ve also already got a 5L tin of the stuff ready to go. Could I get hold of some universal colourant and do it myself?

Any help much appreciated. Thanks.


Some suppliers will tint Zinsser others won’t. It’s all to do with manufacturers not wanting other products in their tinting machines. I have used it tinted and it works very well.

It depends how dark you want it but I would think universal coloutant would be fine in Cover Stain

my local Brewers tint CoverStain for me although usually to a mid grey rather than dark - and it works fine.

If you contact Paul at Holman specialist paints in Swindon I’m sure he will give you the ultimate advice on achieving a perfect match. It’s what they do

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Thanks for the pointers guys. Seems like it shouldn’t be too tricky to sort.