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Tips for choosing paint types and colours for clients

I am looking to paint a room,whats the best emulsion paint to use,for ceilings and walls,have ordered Holman gloss,but tempted to try little green gloss,for woodwork,are there any tricks i can do to achieve a job i can be proud of like using certain colours,painting walls different colours,a decorative finish i could do that would stand out but docent take a professional touch,i need as much advice as i can get.

Maybe it would be good to request samples off paints from different company’s,they must do that,what do people think of dulux coures,are they worth there money,would it be money well spent going on one.

A few questions there Jason. Paint, I would go for acrylic emlsions, not just good to use, but also behave better over caulk than some contract and vinyl matts.

Also look at Manor Coatings emulsions, from Holmans. Very good reports coming back about the, £30 a gallon, any colour, ohnstones sort of prices, high grade trade paint, just not premium like the best acrylic emulsions (Ultimatt, Joker, and others)

Colours are room specific, cant really generalise beyond light makes wall recede, dark makes walls advance.

Im sure a Dulux Select Dec will chip in, my understanding is if you are signed up you get free courses, so work out the best option (join up or pay as you go)

Hi folks I am looking for a ceiling paint with stain blocker,that will go over a sheen surface and will cover in matt?many thanks

A waterborne primer stainblocker such as this as an example

From memory there is also a case study by Jack Pauhl where he used my least favourite stainblocker, Bullseye and sealed in the worst nicotine on a ceiling. From memory he left the first coat a week to cure before successfully topping it off.

You really need to make sure the first of the two coats is thoroughly dry so it locks in the stain and the stain isn’t reactivated by the second coat. In other words, if the stain starts to come through, pretty much as you are painting on the second coat, stop and let the first coat cure more.

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