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Tips for painting a hall stairs and landing

Well here goes using plastic tape to cover stairs,didn’t think it would be so fiddly,got filling blade tucked the plastic down the back of carpet,so no paint could stick to carpet,my first attempt didn’t leave enough to do that,so tried again,got it nearly right,is there a easy way to do this or a better way to protect stairs carpet,i do see if you doing a room this would be a easy option,but on stairs i don’t no.When it came ,to applying bullseye123,i must admit,its a quality product,and very tough,but where i filled in two areas there slightly not level with wall,can i sand down and skim over without damaging the bulls eye,or is it best leaving it for a week to really harden.With Wooster kit that i bought recommend on here,once i had done the cutting in it was very quick,also the Wooster duster,was amazing,and my dewalt sander,soon to be a mirka also performed well,can someone please recommended the best mirka kit to buy and where to buy it.

The technique is to run a strip of masking tape down the edge, pushing it behind the carpet, then stick the protective plastic to that tape.

Get yourself a 3M TA-20 tape dispenser for the tape, it is very easy and fast to handle tape, and you wont get in a tangle.

Tape and drape is a quick way to roll off plastic sheet and tape. or lay the masking tape to the edge as explained, and then lay out clear carpet protector on a roll, making sure it laps over the tape so everything is protected.

Good to see another convert to Wooster roller kit, Only when you have pushed that to its limits, should you talk about finding better options!

Dust eater is pretty interesting isnt it.

The Mirka CEROS with external transformer, or DEROS with inbuilt transformer and a few advanced features will see you right. Make sure there are 4 boxes of abranet abrasive included in the price.

For walls the 5mm orbit sander will work nicely. I always pass readers on to Hallmark-Fraulo, they do very good prices and are good at advising on kit.

Like most things, you can shop around, go on eBay and hustle on price alone, etc, but personally I like to deal with companies who you can build a relationship with. Mirka have a great future.

Thanks Andy,i will order tomorrow,thought there was a more easy way around it,would you let me come for some work experience with you that’s being serious.