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Tony Taylor decorator Isle of Man

I every body, am a new member to the site.
My name is Tony, I live and work in the Isle of man.
I have been a decorator for passed 29 years, also Dulux Select decorator .
Hope to learn more skills, and hope I can help when I can.


Hello tictac and welcome to TP, as I know you from my Dulux Select days, I’m awre of some of the quality work and finishes you produce

Your polished plaster work looks fantastic! I was self taught on a couple bars I did in Barcelona about 15 years ago but wish I’d had some formal training in this subject. Ive been meaning to go on one of the Oikos courses but have never got around to it,

Who did you train with?

Hi Russ, and thanks for the warm welcome, glad to be on board, with the best of the best.
I done my training with a guy called John Boyle, great bloke really, tells you how to get it right.
I have a web address you can have a look at some of his work., give a shout he does Oikos, thats what i was trained with.
Think he also does Marco Polo gear as well.

Hi Tony

sorry, I lost track with the passwords. Welcome, look forward to reading your tips and any questions, don’t make them too hard, thanks.

I expect you had a good read of the blog by the former Oikos developer?

What are you working on at the moment?

Hi Andy,
Just had a look,at that link it seems that it is no longer there.
We are only doing small private jobs at the moment, and to tell the truth I love it, I have down scaled my team from 4 to me and one lad, and its bliss. No stress running round after every one.
Just about to spray a dash outside tomorrow , so hope the wind stays down lol
How about your self you busy .


Wrong link, it is back now. The Traditional Painter site is in effect the life and times of one and two man bands.