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Toupret Elafib Scrim

Right in front room had a crack,caused by heat and cold,filler didn’t work it came back,any suggestions on filler that may work in a area like this,also had paint crazing,scraped that back to plaster,applying scrim no trouble,the filler took 5 hours to dry touprett tx110,even added warm water to speed up drying,so it’s a waiting game,cracking on with something else while drying,when it came to sand used p180,caught scrim in few places but touched up,even holding a Hoover near my hand when sanding found the dust could still travel 5 feet I did sheet floor with lining paper,and pro dec for sheeting up,that’s the polythene with tape,but placed it over radiator on painted wall,only left 1day when peeled off took a bit off paint off,but I think, if I had checked paint for adhesion the tape would have took the paint off, I never painted it someone else did.As for the Mira ceros,and hand sander,what would be the best sanding paper,in mirka kit for this job.I have a customer next week there’s a small crack in wall,I am going to suggest we do it, otherwise no matter how good we get the paint job,it will show,must be honest in all the other rooms I used the scrim the cracks haven’t appeared,and unless I new where they were,there not visible so all good Keep pressing on.