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Toupret fillers

Just noticed Toupret have some new fillers out, a wood filler, in/ext wood repair, a lightweight masonry filler and a multipurpose one . You can find them all here for more info

Hi guys bought some, touprett, murex ,for exterior window any feedback on whether its good?

Looking to try two more of there fillers,touprett wood filler ready mixed,touprett catchett bleu extra fine surface filler any feedback?cheers

Hi folks i saw decorating direct do a toupret ready mixed filler in red tub is it any good ?

Both very good fillers,touprett do make some good stuff.

Hi fellow friends,i have lots of filling on a job in awkward areas and cracks along ceiling lines,going to use tx110 to get the build first.As for the applying,i was thinking,when mixed could i put it in a tube or something to sqeeze out like you would caulk.Any recommendation on what best to use?cheers