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Toupret gras a laquer problem

Right, put it simply applied the gras a lacquer too thick, annoyed with myself is a understatement, my heart and mind have gone into this, but bouncing back, I have stripped the gras a laquer off the door, used continental filling blade worked nice. I have caught a few of the edges, but otherwise good.

Going to sand, get nice and smooth again then give it one coat of Otex or two if it needs it. The door has already had 3 coats and before i messed up, people were commenting how smooth it looks. Got something right at least.

When applying this stuff is there any way of making it more workable, as for skimming over would a piece off paper thick is that the thickness we need to aim for? Two coats?

Sanding whats the best time they recommend, after 24 hours? So two days should be good. To sand off, they recommend wet dry but is fine paper suitable?

One last problem when stepping back got some of this stuff on my path, what’s the best stuff to remove this? I have tried wonder wipes and white spirit no luck.

When the door’s done its going on my website that Andy so kindly helped me with, so its got to be outstanding not just good, keep pressing on.

Apply Gras a Lacquer as thin as possible. Too thin doesnt matter just add another thin coat. Too thick it wont dry correctly and wont be hard enough or do the job it is supposed to which is provide a rock hard thin shell.

Apply coats once previous has dried which would be within an hour or two normally. When you are hapy you have the right layering complete, leave at least 24 hours for it to all harden then sand with wet n dry 320 something that will polish it almost. So other dry fine abrasives are totally feasible. FLuxaf Graffiti Cleaner or KrudKutter Graffiti Cleaner if you can find it seem to deal with nasty oily spills.

I might be trying Gras A Lacquer on my own front door this year, so this is very useful experience and advice, thank you!

Great stuff,worth going that extra mile,you will up your game over night,use on door,frame,the continental blades work nice,use one to keep the other blade clean,any questions fire away only to pleased to help,good luck.

Just a quick question here. I skim with Zinsser Ready Patch when filling wood defects which I can buy locally, but wondered if the gras a laquer
Is better or more suited to this kind of job than the RP.
Any ideas?

No Touprett Gras a laquer isn’t for filling defects,that’s the lesson i learned,otherwise,you will over-apply and have to scrape off because it wont harden,do
your preparation,i take it were talking about a door once you have undercoated,then skim ,door frame with Gras a laquer,two very thin coats,its for flat surfaces.Enjoy

Well said Darlic

gras a lacquer should be viewed more like a coat of paint that you can polish up to improve the gloss of the surface.

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Thanks for clearing that up for me

We have a review coming shortly of Gras a Lacquer from a different company to Toupret.

Prestonett sent us a pot from France, this is the review

I add a tiny drop off white sprit,and use a contental blade with wooden handle .

They recommend a to leave 24 hours ,after applying second coat, with a heater on in a warm room ,would it be able to decrease the drying time, apart from Gras a Lacquer which is a excellent
product,are there any others out there with a shorter drying time would love to no.cheers jason