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Toupret Gras A Laquer v Sikkens Kodrin Spachtel...price performance?

An oldie but goodie…very happy user of Spachtel for external decorating. Spot on stuff.

But was just looking at prices to order some more and noticed ads for both products jumping out.

If I read right I can buy 4 x 1kg packs of the Toupret product for £39. Whereas the Spachtel is is about £30 for 900g.

I need to do the entire internal woodwork on this place and although cost is not the driver, it seems a huge differential. Just wandering on a product performance basis if there is any great difference (not used the Toupret product) …if there is not then the price performance becomes a little hard to stomach. Opinions and experiences as always would be very welcome. All the best

Are you painting doors?works great on dark colours like black.

Hi Jason, no it will be for skirtings, door casings and architraves internally. Doors in this case will be new and not require painting.

Yes have used it a lot in the recent past and I’m a total fan of the Sikkens version…not yet used the Toupret version although from what I read it is ‘generally’ the same format I think.

It is the cost comparison that causes me to scratch my head some. And that said, if the Toupret is ‘as good’ and cheaper by a factor of 400% then it strikes me as mad not to give it a go.

Certainly no complaints with the Sikkens product…far from…but the cost ration seems either a. too good to be true or b. wrong.

I suppose to say another way, is it worth to pay more than 4 x times the price for the Sikkens product…is it that much better?

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Hi, sorry missed this.

Can you not get one tub of Toupret Gras a Lacquer to satisfy yourself it is also a forgiving oil based surfacer filler product.

This is one of those special decorating moments, a keen DIY debating the finer points of a specialist filling product that so few in the trade have even heard of, let alone used. You are a welcome fanatic!



Yet again Andy you introduce logic and reason…yeah why didn’t I think of that!!! :slight_smile: I even have a new Spachtel tin so it’s even more logical and do-able.

In fact the listed single piece price is hardly any cheaper than a 4 pack although the supplier I saw lumped a hefty postage fee on a single intem…ironically still cheaper than the Sikkens stuff.

Yeah I love all this magic potion stuff…I feel quite disappointed these days when I have to buy a “normal” product!

Worse still, try telling a plasterer who have just re-done 6 rooms that you are going to fill over all his hard work and then sand it all down!!!..they inch crab-like towards the door before running to their van and to the hills! … I’ve actually stopped telling people now :confused:

Cheers Andy, I’m going to do as you mention and weigh it and report back.