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Touprett planeo system

Hi guys what’s the feedback on this, is it easy to use,system,thinking about buying a pot to try.Any tips or techniques much appraited.

its a product I use occasionally when the need arises e.g. skimming over mud cracked wall where lining isn’t recommended say in a bathroom.

The Toupret video shows how easy it is to use (!) - but I found it took several practice runs , plus a demo from Toupret guy, before I got the technique right. (lay on thick, like double the amount you would usually apply, then use the two blade system to scrape back and level off)

Its not inexpensive and you need to buy the Toupret applicators and 3 x blades (comb/leveller/finisher) however it can be a great time saver when you discover an area that would otherwise need a plasterer in to skim.
It’s not a general purpose ready mix filler - but a useful specialist when required

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