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Trade Corner companies

We have invited a number of innovative manufacturers and merchants to join Trade Corner, and be a part of our network of companies that share a philosophy for excellence in decorating.

Before we approach any businesses to join Trade Corner, their products and services will have been used extensively by Traditional Painters, often for a year or more. If their customer service proves as good as their kit, we approach them to join.

Not all companies share our philosophy. There is also some super kit on the market, but it is hard to get a hold of. Not all businesses are customer service oriented. So, there are alternative companies out there, many doing a great job, but in our experience, we can say for sure that Trade Corner businesses tick many boxes: they are reliable, they will go above and beyond the norm, and they are supportive of the trade, making it better for everyone.

This is the part of the forum to ask them any questions direct, and their answers can be shared for the benefit of all future readers.